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Greetings from Texas

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:40 pm    Post subject: Greetings from Texas Reply with quote

I'm a transplant from New York. I came to Texas in the late 90's for employment reasons and just never left. All of my family is still in NY, and I still consider it home. Maybe someday I'll move back. I'm a life long guitar nut. Love everything about it. Musically I'm interested in just about everything that has guitar. Growing up in the 80's, I was into "shredding guitarists". That's where my journey started, but soon after I travelled back to the 60's and slowly worked my way forward in time. Progressive is probably my sweet spot, but really, I'm all over the map musically. The guy that started it all for me was Eddie Van Halen. I'll always remember the moment my life changed forever. I was at a friends house and we were all taking turns playing pong on Atari and waiting for my turn I picked up a Walkman and begged to check it out. I heard about these new devices and was very curious. In order to do so, I negotiated to give up my turn on Atari. The tape was Van Halen I and my mind exploded. Up to that point, music wasn't all that important and didn't pay much attention to it. I grew up with music, my dad would always throw on a classical album and that was cool. The sounds coming out of that Walkman just blew my mind. Didn't know it was a guitar, but oh my god, I knew I loved it. My world all of a sudden opened up and I was hooked. I'll never forget that feeling. Shortly after that I started paying attention to music and quickly figured out I wanted to play guitar. Saved up and bought a starter kit from a newspaper add. A fender vibrochamp and mustang. Never really happy with that, but since I didn't know much, I guess it was a good starting point. I took lessons and saved up for my next guitar, a Kramer. The beretta was in short supply, and was talked into a focus 1000 by the salesman, who told me it was the same thing as a Beretta. I didn't know any better and it looked cool. As I started to get better, I also became very interested in the gear. I began to experiment with various pickups, pedals and basic modifications. I soon became the go to guy for setup and guitar mods for all my friends and I really enjoyed that. I discovered that I had a knack for the gear. Woodworking equipment was expensive and it cut into my album and concert spending, so I pretty much stuck to hand tools. After high school I joined the military, and playing guitar took a back seat. My interest didn't wane and I routinely visited pawn shops and music stores around the world. My desire to be a luthier was out striped by my need to make money, and as such I followed the path of technology by becoming a developer and network admin. Many years and three children later I still can't satisfy my need to be a part of music. I'm consumed. The guitar is my getaway, where many of my peers use video games and such to fill the need. Over the years I've played and used just a large variety of equipment depending on any number of the musical phases I was into at the time. My current setup is rather basic and consists of a EVH 5150 III 2x12, EVH striped series "circles" guitar, and a few pedals. The circles guitar is the one I wanted back in 82 and yet was never available. A simple setup with an outstanding neck. Not crazy about the paint job, but to buy that guitar from charvel would have been a custom at 3x the price so I compromised. I've always favored the original charvels, like many did in the 80's. I'm not one to leave things alone, so stock has never suited me. My appreciation for guitars of all shapes, sizes, vintage or price has been a major benefit I feel. I enjoy finding out how much I can squeeze out of gear. Explore the gear and it always seems to surprise me how versatile it is if your willing to push it beyond the bounds.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the background of your guitar/music journey. I totally agree with your assessment about gear. Ultimately, it's the player himself who defines his tone and voice - not what he buys to play. Good gear is nice but not necessary to produce great tones. The player means far more.
Ed Yoon
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