Announcing the...

Can You Top Scott Henderson

Photo Contest!

Sponsored by:

XOTIC effects and the new Scott Henderson Discussion Group

A Kirk95 production

Ok tell the truth. How many of us have a drawer full of those embarrassing photos from our early musician days. Hair styles, facial hair, ridiculous outfits.....what were we thinking????

What if the boss, your friends, your other half or the kids got a hold of these....YIKES!

Well now's your chance to put those embarrassing photos to work for you. The folks up on the Yahoo Scott Henderson group dug up a bunch of classic Scott photos. I was joking around with Scott and he said he had much better ones. Well, we all have good ones but....

Tell me honestly...

Can You Top Scott?

Well if you can, Scott is going to send you some of his CDs.

Here's how the contest works:

1> You have to be a member of the all new Scott Henderson Discussion Group. Sign up here.

2> Then post your funniest vintage musician photo (max of 2 per member) up on the new Scott Henderson Discussion forum.

If you don't have a place to host your photos, I will host them for you. Post them up on the Online Network Photo App. Please sign up for the photo app with your same username and password form the Scott Henderson Discussion Group.

3> Then Scott's Blues trio (Scott Henderson,John Humphrey,and Kirk Covington) will pick out the top ten funniest photos.

4> Then the TOP TEN photo finalists will be posted up on the Scott Henderson Discussion forum in poll where members will vote to choose the winners.

Prizes include:

Scott's newest release - Well To The Bone

Tribal Tech's newest release - Rocket Science

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The AC Booster -

The RC Booster -

Check out Scott's brand new Xotic effects video here.

Check out the all the Xotic effects artist videos here.


Prizes for the Winners

Grand Prize a Well To The Bone CD, a Rocket Science CD, an AC Booster and a RC Booster!
2nd Place a Well To The Bone CD, a Rocket Science CD and a RC Booster!
3rd Place a Well To The Bone CD and a Rocket Science CD!
4th Place a Well To The Bone CD!
5th Place a Rocket Science CD!

All CDs personally signed by Scott.

Contest will run during the month of June. All photos must be entered by June 15th. Top Ten finalists will be announced June 20th. Winners will be announced June 30th.

Please upload your photos and join in the fun today! GOOD LUCK and....

Can You Top Scott?

This may be your only chance!


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