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Scott answers your questions - round 23 - 12/12/05

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StarShip Captain

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 2:13 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 23 - 12/12/05 Reply with quote

Are you using the stock Maxon SD9 or the Analog Man modified SD9?

see round 21

Hi Scott! in your website you didnt mentioned what effects/pedals you used on the album Thick and Rocket Science? just the amps and guitars. Can you share us the effects setup you used to record the album? well for most of the songs. Thanks!

I used a Fulltone Octafuzz, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Zvex Seek Wah, Vox wah, and some computer plug-ins. On bluesy songs like Econoline and Astro Chimp I used a TS-9/Voodoo One combo instead of amp distortion.

I have a video clip of you in some european country doing "All Blues", just you and a bass player. My question is, how close are you to the tone you hear in your head? I ask this because the tone you get on this is ridiculously good and I would like to know the components you used to get this. It's just pure Marshally tone, with a better strat sound.

I can't answer that since I don't know which video you're talking about, and even I did I'd never look at it. If it's in Europe, then chances are I'm using my own gear - OD-100 head, 4x12 cab with Greenbacks, SD-9.

Why did you stop working with Joe Zawinul in the early 90's ? Musical or personal conflicts ? Other ? I remember reading around that time that you enjoyed the Zawinul gig and would not envision quitting.

Tribal Tech was starting to get tour offers at that time which conflicted with Joe's dates, so I had to make a decision.

Hi Scott!
I´m new here. I have 3 questions for you.

1. I would like to buy a new guitar. What do you think about new Fender guitars ( Highway 1 or American standard series)?

see round 3

2. What do you think about players such as Greg Howe, Eric Johnson, Ritchie Kotzen?

Greg & Eric are great players, I've never heard Ritchie Kotzen.

3. Did you ever played on telecaster ?

see round 3


Hi Scott,
It's great to be able to write and learn from one of my main Guitar Hero's. You have compiled a masive amount of knowledge here.

I am a huge fan and wish you would come back to NYC for some gigs, Saw you at S.O.B.'s but that was years ago.

First, I am saddened to hear that you do not listen to your old recordings, you are missing out! Although I have all your CD's my favorite is Face First. What a Masterpiece! It should be studied in schools along side the works of art from Bach, Mozart etc. For me, the song writing and your tight performances all came together. I feel an almost Holy experience when I hear it.

Enough gushing. Will you and Gary kiss and make up already! You two are soul mates in music and have a job to do like Lennon & McCartney had. I know you guys write your music separately, but what you each brought to each other's music was very special.

My best friend moved to Spain a few years ago and I try to visit him once every year or two. What's the big deal? The world is a small place now. Will you please go visit Gary or kidnap his butt to LA to record some new music? Skip mailing the tapes.

And what a great country Spain is, So scenic, fantastic food, wine, hot Flamenco music and woman with a deep history. It's also hard to beat having a daily siesta after all that Rioja. And the Europeans appreciate and love fusion so much!

One can only hopeŠ..I also dig your blues CD's too, Just got your live disc. Very hot indeed. Love that you included Dog Party, my fav blues tune you do. One of the things I really liked about listening to Tribal Tech was one never knew where it was going to go. All possibility's where available and on the table, contrasting to your blues band that confines you to a certain style. IMHO.
I have two of your instructional videos, in them there are some Tribal Tech live snippets. Any chance you might release that stuff in its entirety for posterity on DVD?

Probably not. I don't have the stomach to go through all those tapes that I've never looked at to pick out good stuff, if there is any.

A few tech questions. In switching to a vintage Fender bridge, did the wider string spacing compared to the Gotoh take getting used to? Do you prefer that wider spacing?

It's a pretty small difference - I really didn't notice it much.

Have you tried or use Stainless steel frets?

No, John says they're brighter sounding.

Thanks for all the great music!

Hello Scott, new MAC user here. I read about you disliking sending files and such instead of getting together in a studio. Don't laugh, I only have an iMAC G5 (stock). What program would I and company use if we had to do the trading files thing, and Is an MBOX okay for plugging my guitar into? I don't have the bucks for that Studer you have. Or am I going about the process completly wrong? Thanks

I'm sure the Mbox is OK - you might like a more expensive mic pre better, but that applies to everything. I use Digital Performer for recording.

Hi Scott,
Have you tried the new Celestion Heritage G12M and G12H speakers?

Yes, I was surprised by how they sound - not too good in my opinion. I'll stick with the regular Greenbacks.

Hi Scott,

I noticed you will come Japan on December and do clinics at MI Japan.
Their web page says that clinics are to be held for their students
and enrolment candidates. I'm afraid that I'm too old (over 40) to
entry the clinic and hesitating...

Q. Would you attend a clinic of your favorite player if the player rarely
comes your town but the place would be filled with young people
(10's and 20's) without hesitating?

No problem - everybody everywhere is younger than me.

Q. How many girls in the following photo are interested in your music, do
you think?

Minus one.

Q. Paul Gilbert is the director/principal of MI Japan.
How would you like to be a next director of MI Japan?
(Of course I have no position to say anything about their business.)

No thanks - two days a week of teaching is enough.

Hello Scott
I heard that you changed your SD9 for Xotic BB. Can you describe the diffrence between SD9 & BB?

The BB is more transparent - it basically sounds like an RC Booster with more gain. The SD9 has a more pronounced mid and kind of has it's own sound, but they're both great pedals. The BB sounds better with my Marshall, that's why I'm using live now.

Do you have any plans coming back to Sweden soon ?

I'm sure we'll have some shows there in the spring.

Hi Scott, I have another gear question.
What kind of difference(tone) are between using a power amp and a preamp instead of an amp or combo?

The problem with using a preamp is finding a good power amp to go with it. In my opinion the Boogie 290 is the best one, and it doesn't sound that great.

What do you think about old boogie preamps(quad, studio), the new ones like triaxis, or marshall jmp1?

Not much.

What kind of features you like of your se-70?

It has good delays and good weird sounds.

Which is the way to get more transparent guitar signal, and don't hear that digital thing when you use procesors like boss se-70?

Use a mixer and only use the wet sound from the SE-70.

Thanx for your time and patience.

Hello Scott,
I read about something you said, that when playing the blues, as opposed to jazz/fusion, you don't have to think. I was wondering, and what made me wonder were solos you played on songs such as Lady P, Devil Boy etc. do you really let your fingers go without thinking about the next note, or did you just mean that Blues is easier to play?

I try not to think about technical things when playing jazz or blues. For me jazz is a bit harder since there are more chord changes to navigate, but hopefully the hours of practice pay off in that I won't have to use much brain power to make the changes and can concentrate on telling a story.

Hi Scott

Just wondering if you've ever tried out Warmoth Hollow body? It looks exactly like normal solid strat body but it's hollow inside. Warmoth claims that the body is more resonant, more sustain, and a lot lighter weight. I'm interested in buying one but I just wanna hear your opinion about this kinda of body first. Thank you so much.

I've never tried a chambered guitar. John Suhr tells me I wouldn't like it, but if they have one when I'm over there I'll check it out.

what have you done to build your timing?

I play with a drum machine a lot - but my time still kinda sucks sometimes.

Do you like country guitarplayers like albert lee?

Yeah he's great - I like a lot of country guitarists.

Hi Scott,

this kinda taps into Red Suede's question:
-What kind of amp do you plug into when you're working on some stuff at the house?


-Back in 1999 you took some kind of green/black FX pedal to your open counselings at M.I. I think it was right after they got those little Fender amps. Do you remember what that pedal was? Some kind of ring modulator or envelope filter maybe..?

see round 11

Hey Scott!

I'm curious how you might handle the following situation:
One of your dear friends who isn't as experienced with music as you are plays you a song because they think it is just amazing and they are seeking your approval or something like that. Unfortunatley the song just doesnt do it for you at all- do you break their heart? I guess in a broader sense I'm wondering how you dealt/deal with being the "musical authority" amongst your peers...

I've been a teacher for many years, so I know how to give constructive criticism in a nice way. Some guys can't handle any form of criticism and get pissed off or get their feelings hurt, but if you're not prepared for possible bad news, you shouldn't ask.

Oh, and I forgot to ask, are you a Glenn Gould fan? He is so FRESH!
(maybe by answering this you will inadvertantly answer my first question...)

Sorry I haven't heard him.

Howdy Ho, scott!

couple of questions....

this one has to do with controlling feedback, both live, and in the studio.
i know live, it's always a bit easier for me, just because typically it's louder!
but, in the studio, sometimes i will touch the head of my guitar neck, to the cabinet, to get the sympathetic vibrations happening...

the question is, do you have any tricks (you'd be willing to share) that you use to get things happening in this respect (and yes, saying 'i hold my lip right' is a valid answer...)

I guess you need to have a certain amount of volume to make it happen, or just hold your guitar up to the speaker ala Ted Nugent.

Do you snow ski? Or ride?

I walk the dogs.

thanks, for years of killer music.

oh yeah, one more please.....
when you wrote "well to the bone", how is it that you hooked up with Thelma, and did you write the melody for the vocal directly, or was it a collaboration/improv in the studio?

John Humphrey had done a gig with her and gave me her number. I wrote the melody, but I always tell vocalists that they're free to improvise, and Thelma always adds her own great stuff.

Scott, I once heard you say you were studying rhythms from a drum book. Can explain how you would use the rhythms you learned? Did you apply them to licks, melodic fragments, chords, etc and if so what was the process like?

Wow, that sure doesn't sound like me. I may have been trying to improve my reading skills, but I gave that up 20 years ago. My rhythmic vocabulary comes from listening to records.


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Paul Marossy

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi there, new to the forum. I just picked up the LIVE! album last weekend and DAMN it's awesome! I especially like Sultan's Boogie and Lady P, outstanding.

Anyhow, I have a few of questions about the tunes on the LIVE! album:

1. What effect(s) were you using on Jakarta? (for melody part right after the intro and the ending)
2. Right after the drum solo in Nairobe Express, what effect are you using?

One question about John Humphrey, if you know the answer - that wah like effect on his bass solo in Nairobe Express, what the heck is that?! It kind of sounds like a Tychobrahe Parapedal to my ears.
__/\/\/\__ PJM __/\/\/\__
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