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Scott answers your questions - round 36 - 8/12/07

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:34 am    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 36 - 8/12/07 Reply with quote

Hi scott, my name is Patrick from australia, just a few questions:
1. are you planning to go to australia? if not, can you please come here??

Hopefully with Kinsey's band - we're talking to someone there about it.

2. whats your opinion about pat metheny? i think you two are the best guitarist in the world at the moment. Ever meet him or played with him?

I've talked about Pat in previous posts. He's a great player and I've been a fan of his for a long time.

Hi Scott. new at the forum, long time listener from sweden. here are some questions.
- have you tried the xotic guitars?? if so what did you think about them.

Never tried them.

- I´ve never been that into signature guitars so i got myself a new all standard strat to customise myself. it´s got one of them six point bridges but the block is one of them non magnetic ones and the pickups suck. what would be priority nr1. change block or change pickups. (i will do both but its a money issue and i´ll have to save up).

Definitely do both. Changing pickups is a less subtle change than the block. Try the new FL pickups from John Suhr - I really like them.

-Do you think good tone is all about the greens?(considering the gear not your hands of course).

Do you mean greenback speakers, money, or vegetables?

- When will you be back in sweden and gothenbourg playing nefertiti again?? caought(spelling??) you there about three or so years ago and it was amazing. you´ve been the number one on my guitarist list (alive ones) ever since.
keep up the stiring work dude

I hope to play there on our 2008 spring tour. Nefertiti is one of our favorite clubs.

scott, are you/ will you make a sort of "real book" for all of your tribal tech and blues songs? I know you said that you're working on a tab for one of your album, but I'm looking for just the chord changes and melody.
I can transcribe your solo, but I found that finding the chords and the progression is harder, Metheny release his own "real book" so thats the sort of thing I'm looking got plenty of songs already so I think it'll be worth you?? (please say yes... )

I already have three of those, the Scott Henderson Guitar Book, and the Best of Scott Henderson, both featuring the music I wrote for Tribal tech, and the Scott Henderson Blues Guitar Book, with tunes from my solo albums. You can get them from Hal Leonard Publishing.

Hey Scott!

I know you used an Adam Stark Sex amp on a couple of tunes, right? can you tell me more exactly on which tunes you used it, and what cab did you use with it?
I never used that amp on any of my recordings, though I have played through it and liked it.

Hi Scott,

I recently watched your Jazz Fusion Improv DVD - great stuff. I found it very useful, especially when playing on vamps.

When you are playing over changes, do you use the same approach in terms of scales/arpeggios or do you think more about chord tones?
If there are several chords from the same key in a progression, do you use one scale for all of them, or play different arpeggios/scales on each chord?

That subject has been covered in previous posts.

I'm thinking about getting the new Suhr Pro Series S2 strat.
Just wondered if you've played one and if so what you thought about it?
I haven't played one, but I have no doubt it's made well.

hi scott, another few questions
1. whats your setting on the BB?

I don't use the BB. I use a Precision Overdrive by Xact Tone Solutions.

2. I'm getting suhr badger soon, and already got SD-09, probably going to get RC booster for that slight distortion bluesy kind of sound, what do you think of those effect combined with the badger? since i believe you've tried this amp during the namm show?

The Badger is a great amp - those pedals should work fine with it, but it has enough gain that you might not need pedals.

3. i'm doing transcribing at the moment, but there's sooo many to transcribe!! ever had this problem? do you think its better to just transcribe a few lines and ideas rather then the whole solo? Thats the approach i do at the moment, but i might be in the wrong direction........i might concentrate on coltrane and shorter after i finish this metheny song, good idea you think? any other players i need to look for?

I think any transcribing is good. Learning whole solos helps your phrasing, and little bits and pieces are good to help your fingers move in ways you wouldn't have thought of on your own.

4. also, just to let you know, i learn alot from your solo on dog party, elvis at the hop, thanks!!......stole some of your ideas and modified it, BUT it seems that to modified it to suit me is quite hard (ie expand your idea further myself) you ever had this problem? maybe i'm not imaginative enough? any tips? coz i dont want to be a just "copy and paste" player

That's good, copy and paste is the wrong concept. Change the rhythm, or try it over a different chord and change the notes to fit. Keep everything flexible.

5. i saw your answer to that Dave Ulbrick guy the one from OZ, he did put your name in his website, so i asked him whats the deal with that? since i know for sure you use suhr and he said that "Brett Garsed once gave Scott Henderson our Megalodon pedal" do you even use that pedal? I dont think its appropriate for him to put your name there when its not even him personally that gave it to you, not to mention whether you use it or not is a mystery.

I don't use it, I've never used it, so my name shouldn't be there.

6. i read that shorter use alot of quartal this something you use alot too?

Sorry, I don't even know what that is.

7. which would you suggest in improvising....scale approach or chord tones approach? i know that when you've done enough practice and playing like yourself and metheny, it doesnt really matter since you're just playing whats in your head, and whats in your head is what you put in right? you probably dont know what approach you did untill you transcirbe your own solo, not that you want to do that of course,
but for beginner like me, whats the best starting approach?
A good improviser should be able to play lines and melodies. Learning scales helps more in the development of lines, and learning individual chord tones helps more in the development of playing melodies and developing motifs. So it's all good.

hi again!!! some more questions.
-Whats your settings on fuzz factory? do you only use it for wacky stuff or do you ever use it as a normal fuzz. Those things are a pain in the rump dailing in properly. took me about 3h to get a good sound out of it.

It took me four. But here's my favorite setting. Fuzz Factory's are all a little different, so my settings might not apply to yours. Vol about 10 o' clock, Gate off, Comp about 2 o'clock (this one is tricky, because even though the Fuzz Factory is true bypass, turning this one up not far enough can make it leak even when bypassed), Drive all the way up, Stab somewhere between 2 and 4 o'clock. I have two Fuzz Factory's and on one it's 4 and on the other it's 2.

-Whats your take on the whole downloading issue?

I think musicians should be paid for their work, so if it's legal downloading like iTunes I'm for it.

-Have you tried the Zvex box of rock. seems like a cool pedals but all the demos i´ve seen online are played through Marshalls... hmm good marketing??? I play through a fender amp and i would like to fatten up the lead-tones a little bit. perhaps i would be better of with the rc. Have you played it through a clean/slight crunch fender amp?

Sorry I've never tried that one.

Hi Scott,

I was just wondering if you have a problem with the true bypass switches and the loud pop sound that thay make when swich on and off, if you do how you solve the problem?

Mine don't pop that loud so I just live with it.

Have you try to BYOC (Build your own clone) and if you did or try one what is your thought.
Sorry I don't understand - build a clone of what? I'd like to build a clone of Scarlett Johansson but the wife would probably be pissed off.

so how does a drummer get banned from the Baked Potato?

He doesn't show up for a gig and doesn't even call. The club goes dark and the manager has to return all the people's money. The band fires him and gets someone who's a better player and more professional.

hi again.
are you experiencing any tone loss due to the fact that you set up ypur bridge floating. It seems to me that you would get better tone if the whole bridge is in contact with the body or is it a compromise?

Yes, you get a bigger note if the bridge is tightly locked down to the body, but it goes horribly out of tune. If I want that huge fender sound, I play my Tele.

What's your opinion on the Wilkinson VS100 bridge? I've got it on my strat, the pickups are the Suhr V60LP set, it's got a swamp ash body and a maple neck with brazilian rosewood fretboard. It's a really nice guitar but the tone in it is a bit thin. Some guy told me it might be because of the VS100 bridge and that i should try a vintage type one. Any opinions on that?

I'd have to agree. Those bridges make the tone more scooped sounding. A traditional Fender Vintage bridge has more mids and will make you guitar sound more like a real strat.

Hey Scott,
What is the pay like when you play in LA? How does it compare to when you

"Famous" jazz musicians who live in a city can either play there once a year at a big place and make as much money as a good touring gig, or play all the time in a little place for very little money (usually around 100 to 200 a night per musician). I prefer the second way, just because I like to play all the time.

Hi Scott,
In your last round of questions, you mentioned prog rock a couple of times, specifically Gentle Giant. Do you listen to any modern prog bands? I think you might dig Roine Stolt's guitar playing (Flower Kings and solo). Thanks for all the great music!
I'm sure I'd dig a lot of stuff out there I haven't heard. I'll ask my students about them - they know about everybody.

Hey Scott,

Do you prefer to play in your trio or Tribal Tech? It seems like you enjoy the challenge of playing without a keyboard player.

I don't play in Tribal Tech anymore, but I do play in Scott Kinsey's band. Playing with Scott is a lot of fun and it's mostly about the interplay when playing with keyboards. Playing trio is more challenging from a guitar point of view just because there's more to do, and I get to concentrate more on getting tones. I like both environments and it's good for me to switch between them often so I don't get burnt out on one or the other.

Hi again Scott. I just saw a video with you, André Charlier on drums,
Remy Chaudage on bass and another guitarist which i dont know who it is.
Remember the gig? you were playing The chicken. I really dig Chaudage's playing, what are your thoughs about him?
(I think the other guitarist is Yannick Robert, and this video was taped at the Vittel Guitar Festival in 1992)

Sorry, but I don't remember anything about it.

You still gonna be around GIT for august aside from the clinics

Yes I'll be around in August.

Ever played a Seymour Duncan Convertible? Interesting concept. Thoughts?

Sounds Like a cool car but I've never driven one.

Man Scott, I just saw a commercial for the Time-Life "Soft Rock Collection", and there was a video by an artist named Paul Davis. Dude, was that you playing guitar? It looks EXACTLY like you... funky hair, mischievous grin and all.
No It wasn't me - I wouldn't whore myself out for a soft-rock collection.

hi again scott, just saw your free video lesson on FPE tv on youtube.....are you going to do that regularly? i think you should!

Not regularly, but whenever I have time.

oh any news on a live concert DVD?

Not yet.

Hey Scott,
I was curious how often you get those "love notes" from the TSA in your pedalboard cases when you fly? I recently did a small tour of the northeast and found that they had been in my pedal board at each stop......the worst of which was when I returned home to Denver this is what it looked like:
So is this a regular occurance on the road or was I just particularly "lucky" this time in that they decided to take the thing appart?

Yeah, I get those notes all the time too - never had a problem though. I notice you're using some kind of black material, probably velcro, to hold your pedals to the board. 3M Dual Lock is much much stronger so you might try that instead. My pedals never come off my board even with the worst airport monkeys.

Hi Mr Scott, I want to know what strings do you use or what ones do you think are the best. I normally use d'addario (0.10 or 0.11) but these ones doesn't have a long life. I use to bend a lot.
Thanks so much for your time and for your music!!!

I use D'Addario 11's and they seem to last OK for me, but on the road I change them every night anyway since I'm pretty rough on them with the bar.

PD: Do you know "George" amps from spain? I checked one 2 weeks ago and with the bass at 0 had an incredible tone and body.Also is very very dinamic.

I've never tried them. I'm really happy with my Suhr.

hi scott! mibu here, from romania. I tryied to send you some pics from the time spent here, but your mailbox is allways full...
man, I wanna tank you again for being here and for your wonderful playing. I hope we will manage to get you back as soon as possible (working on it already...).
have a good time (and don't forget to try the Snake Oil Brand strings)!

Thanks Mibu! You can try sending again since I'm home now and checking mail more often. It was great to play in Romania for the first time!

hi scott, regarding the live recording on your gig and posting it in the website, i know that you said, some night your playing was just not quite there or your sound is not as you like it and therefore you dont want ppl to listen to it, but let me assure you that no matter how bad you think you're playing or how bad your sound is.....its still 1000 times better than normal ppl!!!

Thanks for the kind words but it still pisses me off when people tape us and stick us on You Tube.

Hey Scott - love your music.
Also thanks for all info on strats on this forum. I put together a parts strat based on the criteria you mention in your posts, and it is a cant-put-down type of guitar.
I have an 8ohm Greenback speaker and I want to build a 1x12 cab that has at least some of the character of the good Marshall 4x12 cabs. I can find tons of info on Fender stuff, but nothing that seems reliable on old Marshall specs. Do you have any tips/observations? I am especially curious what you think is the ideal material and baffle thickness.
Joe Farley,
Kansas City, MO
P.S. please book a show in KC so I can hear you live.

Sorry, I'm not really qualified to answer because I don't know enough about the actual construction of the cabinets. All I know is that the best sounding cabs are usually made of birch. John Suhr would definitely know more. As far as using a Greenback in a 1x12, be careful, because even a small 40 watt amp could blow it up - they're pretty fragile speakers.

scott, have you heard of a young bass player name Tal Wilkenfeld? she's played with chick corea, alman bro band, jeff beck, etc, even got her own trio with vinnie colaiuta on drums!! should check her out

Yes, I know who she is, but I haven't seen her play. I think it's the same girl who asked me to play on her project, but it was really difficult fusion with lots of fast lines and different time signatures and it would've taken me forever to learn it so I passed.

Thanks Scott for not getting tired of asking all these silly questions!

1. What are your thoughts on the new Fender VG Strat? Would you ever consider getting one?

Never seen one and I'm very happy with my Suhr's, so no.

2. Have you found any new, great pedals you would recommend?

Greg Walton makes some really great sounding distortion pedals. I like the Prescription Overdrive.

Maxon has a new pedal called the Vintage Overdrive Pro, which is very much like an SD-9 but with a fatter midrange. That's what I'm using live these days.[url]

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 9:48 pm    Post subject: SUHR MINIMIX Reply with quote

Hey Scott,

I have a question about the MINIMIX made by Suhr.I would like to you use it but i don't know where to plug it in my gear.

My guitar goes in a GT8 (the preamp is bypassed, i'm using only reverbs, delays..).I got 3 distortion pedals (2 radial tonebone and 1 fulltone) plugged in the effect loop of the GT8.And both outs of the GT8 goes to the front input of my 2 ENGL combos.(stereo)
Both "returns" of the amps are used for the VG8.
Where do you think the MINIMIX should be?

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