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Robben Ford Forum

This is the Official Robben Ford Community! Find out the latest about Robben's gigs, cds, gear, and everything else! We're up to over 540 members!

Also make sure you say hi to Daved, Robben's guitar tech, who gives us a direct link to Robben's inner circle and hangs out on the site.

Scott Henderson Forum

This is the new official Scott Henderson community! Find out the latest about Scott's, gigs, cds, gear, and everything else!

Look for the "Can You Top Scott" promotion coming in June. Hey you get to win stuff! Like real pedals that Scott uses. And it's funny as hell!

Finally, make sure you say hello to John Humphrey. John plays bass with Scott in the blues trio and has the inside scoop.

Scott will answers any questions you may have up on the board. You have to read his member Q&A - some of the best stuff you have ever read!

Michael Landau Forum

This is the brand new Michael Landau community! Find out the latest about Mikes's, gigs, cds, gear, and everything else!

We're working on getting Mike involved! We need your help building this!

Come check it out!


Steve Kimock Forum

This is the Official Steve Kimock Discussion Board. Steve Kimock is the original " The Other Ones" guitarist and a tone and gear connoisseur of the highest order! You want to hear tone and taste

Steve wanted to make it very clear that he wants this to be a sort of a sanctuary away from the usual Internet sturm and drang where he can talk to members seriously about music and music only.

And the best thing is Steve hangs here and posts himself. So please stop in and say hello!

Johnny A. Forum

Boston's very own Johnny A.! He's got his own Johnny A. Model Gibson Guitar which is the first true original design signature guitar that Gibson has produced in 40 years. Johnny had played with The Streets, Bobby Whitlock and Peter Wolf. Now a solo artists with two new Instrumental Guitar CDs.

Come discuss Johnny's music, gigs, tone, CDs and guitar!

Jimmy Herring

This is one of the few places on the web dedicated to the master guitarist Jimmy Herring. Herring has played with, ARU, Allman Brothers, Frogwings, Endangered Species, Phil and Friends, and The Dead. Jimmy is one of the top players out there today! Come join the discussion!
Up and Coming Artists

Guthrie Govan

This is the Official Guthrie Govan Discussion Board. What if you could take all the modern guitar techniques, add some tasteful melodic development, a keen sense of melody, fiercely cutting edge technique, throw in a little Coltrane, Zappa, Scott Henderson and Shawn Lane.

Impossible you say? You have to Check out Guthrie!

Guthrie hangs out on this board, so come on over and say hello and ask him some questions about his playing and music.

Scott Jones

This is the Official Scott Jones Discussion Board

Scott Jones is an amazing musician and guitarist from St. Louis. His main musical styles are fusion, jazz, prog, blues...but he has mastered many styles and techniques.

Scott's main influences are diverse, but fusion is the main thing: Scott Henderson, Mike Landau, Pat Metheny being the main ones...

His latest C.D. "Freedom", was on the official finalist's list of potential nominees for a Grammy this year for Best Contemporary Jazz Album:

Scott is a prolific clip poster. Check out his board for many many clips of his playing!

Rock Legends

Stevie Ray Vaughan

SRV Discussion

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Discussion

Jazz Legends

John Coltrane

Trane Discussion

Miles Davis

Miles Discussion

Wes Montgomery

Wes Discussion


The ToneQuest Forum

Discuss your Quest for the perfect Tone here! One of the top gear publications now has a world class discussion board. So go talk tone, amps, guitars, pedals and music here with David Wilson!

You want to see some of the best guitar gear content anywhere on the web in world? Check out Eric Clapton's and Doyle Bramhall's rigs!

Two Rock Owners Community

This is the Official Two Rock Owners Community. You own a Two Rock? Want to own a Two Rock? GO HERE! These amps rock!!!!

Also, we do a LIVE CHAT with the Two Rock Builders Joe and Bill every other Wednesday at 7 pm PST. Talk Tone with the Tone experts of the we b.... everybody is there!

Check it out!

Nothing But Clips


Nothing But Clips

Post and Listen to member clips!

There are some great players up there - check 'em out!

Guitar Gear Review


Guitar Gear Review

Members review their own gear here! Get the real scoop from guitar players on all the latest guitar gear!


Online-Network Photos


Now we can share, post, comment, view and share all our photos of Robben Ford, Scott Henderson and Michael Landau.

So please sign up and post all your photos of these guys. We will create a huge master gallery for all to view and enjoy!

Also POST PICs of your GUITARS here! We wand to create the largest guitar gallery on the Internet!

This app ROCKs! You can send guitar greeting cards to all you friends!

Guitaraholic Central

This is where we try to help one another deal with our gear obsessions. Yea...right! I need more gear! Assorted gear topics for your obsessing enjoyment.

This was my first community. Some interesting reading is up there ... check it out!

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